TheLittleArtistFirst I’d like to say “Welcome, and Thank You for stopping by!” I am the creator of Simply Donna Designs, and my name is Donna (of course). For as long as I can remember, I have always loved art. As a kid, just a simple pad of paper and some markers or crayons would occupy me for hours. A brand new box of crayons or going shopping for school supplies were super exciting to me; and honestly, I’m still excited by these things, even now! Naturally, art was my favorite subject in school. Looking back I wish I would have majored in art in college. The only reason I didn’t was because of the age old theory of “the starving artist.” I really believed (at the time) that I would not be able to make a real career out of art. So dumb . . . I know! Take a lesson from me – Follow Your Heart!!! Seriously, there is so much truth to the saying, “Do what you Love, and happiness will follow!” So anyway, I majored in fashion marketing. It was actually my first job out of college that introduced me to graphic design. I worked in the marketing dept. of Claire’s Accessories, designing the merchandise cards that the jewelry was packaged on. From there I had some other corporate marketing jobs, which taught me a lot, but I felt I wasn’t reaching my full potential. Me and the KidsAmongst all this, I did get married and with the expectations of our first child on the way . . . I thought it was the perfect time to move my career in the direction of something I could do from home. So, what did I do? I started painting murals, which worked pretty well, until my son actually arrived. Then finding it a little more difficult to schedule painting and baby-sitting . . . my mural painting started to taper off. Then low and behold, I found out I was expecting again! And, as I am sure most of you mothers can relate, with having 2 children just 20 months apart, motherhood had officially sucked me in! Although, I have continued dabbling in graphic design throughout the years with various freelance jobs and designing invitations for friends & family, and my own childrens’ birthday parties too! Then a couple years ago, a friend introduced me to Etsy, and after seeing what other like minded artists were doing; I felt I finally had a direction or niche. So . . . FINALLY, FINALLY . . . now that both my kids are in school all day (happy dance), and with great encouragement from friends . . . here I am!!! Hoping to fill my creative passion while passing on art that brings smiles, joy and encouragement into your lives! oxox, Donna